Leadership Training

Leadership, and the qualities that we attribute to great leadership, should exist within every level of an organisation. Classic qualities, such as drive, energy and enthusiasm, and a willingness to take personal responsibility for matters are qualities which both inspire and are infectious. Moreover, they are qualities which are as important at the grass roots of an organisation as they are for the Chief Executive.

Our role in Leadership and Management Development is to 'nurture personal growth' so that people have the capacity to make choices – behavioural choices about how to respond in any given situation. Our development programmes provide opportunities for people to explore their instinctive style across these dimensions and, through an examination of consequences – including impact on results and impact on people, to assess whether the balance is right or appropriate to their sphere of influence and accountability.

Leadership & Management Development programmes designed by TiA are experiential and frequently modular. We look to provide a ‘golden thread’ through the programme to translate the learning back to the workplace, for example through work based projects.

For more information or examples of programmes which we have run for other organisations, please click client synopsis, or contact one of our consultants direct.