Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a natural extension to the work we undertake with clients for their Top Teams and Senior Management.

Frequently, when we undertake a team development assignment for a senior team, this will take place in three stages:

  • Pre-event consultation with individuals
  • The team event – held over two to three days
  • Post-event Executive Coaching assignments with selected individuals

A core part of our offering is also stand alone Executive Coaching – this can support Directors who want to ensure they are bringing the right blend of leadership to key organisational challenges through to aspiring senior leaders who want to explore their personal style and impact.

Team Coaching is available where the team is coached as a group on both its interactions within the team and its ability to deliver tangible, successful outcomes to key stakeholders.  Both individual and team coaching assignments can be short, (e.g. six sessions), medium or long term (e.g. over the course of a change programme) depending on need.