The typical conference format can often lack a vital sense of engagement and energy – a mass of information to impart followed by the inevitable table–top discussions to draw comment from the floor or to help embed the topic.

TiA specialise in 'engagement' and 'energy' and will work with clients to make a conference come alive.  At a recent senior managers conference for Zurich Insurance in Miami, TiA put together a series of Forum Theatre workshops to spark debate around key conference themes.  At times this meant using the stage to demonstrate behaviours around leadership and empowerment, with actors embedded at tables to move the 'stage' around the room.  At other times, delegates would be drawn into dialogue with the actors, making the exploration of topics far more interactive.

Other interventions include practical exercises, designed for an indoor conference space, and applicable for group sizes of up to 150 people.  An example of which was an event for 80 senior managers from Rolls Royce.  Similar events have been run recently for Inmarsat and Perfetti Van Melle using a mix of indoor and outdoor space.