Strategic Health Authority

Over a period of almost eight years and concluding in 2004, TiA delivered an outdoor development module on a succession of leadership initiatives. These included "Clinicians for Change", aimed at clinicians aspiring to Clinical Directorship roles and the "Who Cares Programme", aimed at all levels and disciplines of NHS staff undertaking people management responsibilities. These leadership programmes were based at our East Down Centre and involved joint delivery with SHA L&D professionals.

Following the success of these interventions, TiA were invited to join Cranfield School of Management and Hay Group in delivering the Top Leaders Programme for SW SHA. This prestigious programme was rolled out over a three year period and was aimed at existing Directors within the NHS who were deemed to be future CEO material.

The module delivered by TiA consisted of a three-day course, held in Devon, and with a focus on leadership in peer groups

One of the most challenging, exciting and useful things I have participated in during my working life. It was an exceptional three days that left me feeling that the world was a different place, and I was a slightly different person in it, as I left to return home.

Director of Nursing, SW Strategic Health Authority