We began working with Sainsbury's in 2004, providing input to the company's Graduate Programme. Twelve months later we were invited to design a three day leadership development module, for a new Talent Programme to be rolled out across the business, aimed at experienced managers. The Leadership in Action module became a cornerstone of this programme which went on to achieve success in the CIPD UK Talent Programme Awards in 2009.

Since 2009 we have worked closely with Sainsbury's in developing the Leadership in Action module to align with their new Vision & Values and in 2011 it became part of the company's new Store Manager development programme.

The module itself consists of an intensive 3-day course, using outdoor exercises, peer feedback, review and discussion. A follow-up is held 6-8 weeks after the module to present outcomes resulting from behavioural change, to an audience of peers and senior managers.

I have taken away more from the 54 hours of this one course than from any before. One phrase to sum it up is ‘life changing.

Store Manager, Sainsbury's