Credit Suisse

We began working with Credit Suisse in 2009, facilitating a team development workshop for the Head of Shared Services Institute. This lead to an invitation to deliver the initial module in a global leadership programme, aimed at Emerging Talent in the bank's Finance Office (CFO).

The three-day leadership module proved extremely successful and was subsequently followed by a further two-day interpersonal skills module.

On the back of this success, the programme was rolled out to other parts of the bank, including the bank’s Risk Office (CRO).

In each case the programme, which includes an outdoor experiential element and actor-based role-play, is delivered from four regional centres; Zurich, London, New York and Singapore.

If I had to choose between a full bonus or taking this course, I would opt for the course – certain that I would more than recover this investment in future years through improved performance.

Director, CFO, Credit Suisse