Our Approach

Our business is about nurturing personal growth in the context of the organisation’s goals and values. We do this by designing exercises to act as a metaphor for the world of work, tailored to suit the chosen environment.

Exercises may be provided in the form of indoor business games and paper-based exercises, Forum Theatre or through outdoor exercises.

Our coaching work can also support the nurturing of personal growth whilst operating within an organisation. Coaching can be as a stand alone package or as an on-going follow up to draw key personal learning points from a previous group intervention.

Experienced Based Learning


We have developed a range of exercises specifically for those venues where we are restricted to indoor space. These include discussion based exercises, business games and practical exercises …

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All programmes place great emphasis on exploring the principles of good leadership and management practice using an experience based method of learning.When the outdoors is available for experience …

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Choosing the right venue is critical to any programme and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting places all round the world. Over the last 25 years of business we have used dozens of …

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