Programmes Based at Sea


Provident was built in 1924 as a 70-foot, gaff rigged working boat earning its keep around British in-shore waters before being converted into a gentlemen's yacht in 1933.

The yacht is an ideal vessel for management development and team development programmes since it combines all the features of a traditional sailing craft above-desk with the comfort of modern conveniences below-deck. Provident was completely refurbished in 1990 and now provides central heating and a hot shower, together with comfortable two-berth and four-berth cabins.

One of the main features of Provident is its large saloon which enables full training sessions to be run, in much the same way as one might on a land based programme.

During the programme, Provident sails with a fully qualified skipper, mate and cook thus leaving the course facilitators free to concentrate on the key development objectives.

By using the yacht as your accommodation, seminar room and team experience, it is possible to accelerate relationship building, promote open conversation around difficult topics and provide a truly memorable experience, whilst keeping the budget below that of a typical hotel-based event!