Target Groups

TiA works at a number of different levels with organisations. Typically this means that our interventions fall into four distinct categories:

Gradate Programmes
Talent Pools & HIPOs
Teams & Project Teams
Senior Managers & Executives

Graduate Programmes

Over the past 20 years we have helped deliver Graduate programmes for a range of clients including:

ING Barings
Cable & Wireless
Cushman & Wakefield
Highways Agency

South West Trains
Wessex Water
WH Smith

Most Graduate programmes are run over a 12-24 month period on a modular basis and TiA’s involvement can vary from the delivery of an initial ‘Team Building’ module through to a full suite of interventions including:

  • Self & Team Awareness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Managing Projects

The care and concern TiA show for making the programmes what we want – rather than just ‘what they provide’ – is one of the key reasons we value and enjoy working with them.  

Jo Freeman, Graduate Development Manager.

For more information or to talk to someone about the design and delivery of Graduate programmes in your organisation, please contact one of our consultants.

Talent Pools & HIPOS

The term ‘Talent Pool’ or ‘HiPo’ is variously used to describe people in an organisation who have been identified as having future potential. It does not imply any particular level in the organisation. Thus, an Emerging Talent programme may be targeting Supervisors aspiring to first line management or Directors and VPs being groomed as future Managing Directors.

The common link is that all these programmes are designed to provide accelerated development and tend, therefore, to be integrated with succession planning and the management of talent within the organisation.

The success of any high potentials programme rests on three key factors:

  • Selection and selection criteria
  • Senior management support and involvement
  • Capacity (and willingness) to absorb the throughput

Getting the right balance is not easy. If an organisation provides too few opportunities it risks disengaging it’s rising stars. However, if selection is not rigorous and focused, then the numbers entering such a programme can be too great for senior management to give the required amount of individual sponsorship and, moreover, the organisation may be incapable of absorbing people into new and exiting roles as they emerge from the programme.

TiA are experienced in helping businesses achieve this balance, and,
over the past 20 years, have helped develop and deliver talent programmes for a large number of organisations including:

Accolade Wines
Credit Suisse
Ernst & Young
Kuehne + Nagel
National School of Government

Rolls Royce
Sigma Aldrich
Tetra Pak
Willmott Dixon
WYG Group

For more information or to talk to someone about the design and delivery of talent programmes in your organisation, please contact one of our consultants.

Teams & Project Teams

By their nature, all team programmes are highly customised. Over the past 20 years we have worked with an extraordinary range of teams, including:

  • Top Teams and Boards
  • Leadership Teams
  • Partnership teams
  • Functional teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Shop-floor teams
  • Stakeholder teams
  • Supply-chain teams
  • Joint -venture teams
  • Project teams

In all cases our aim is to ensure that the process is as inclusive and flexible as possible. Frequently, this involves meeting with individuals before any intervention, to establish a relationship, understand the history and explore what each person needs to see on the agenda to make it useful and worthwhile for them as an individual.

We work closely with the team leader to ensure that we remain in support of his or her agenda throughout the process and that outcomes and actions are clearly recorded. Follow-through on these agreements is critical to maintaining momentum. Part of our role is to see that there is both the mechanism and commitment to do this and that the team remains accountable for the process.

Senior Managers and Executives

Our work with Senior Managers and Executives extends across all of our core competencies – from leadership development through to consultancy.

Where the focus is on executive development, we will often work in partnership with other providers, such as Cranfield School of Management and Darden Business School, in order provide a portfolio of ‘best-in-class’ experiences.

Frequently, our relationship with a team, particularly senior teams, extends over many years allowing us to provide continuity as membership (and sometimes leadership) of the team changes.

Our work with individuals encompasses Executive Coaching and, more informally, acting as a sounding board for Directors and CEOs with whom we have built up long-term relationships.

Over the years we have worked with a number of Divisional Boards, Main Boards and CEOs from organisations which include;

British Nuclear Group
Direct Wines
Ernst & Young
Highways Agency
NHS Hospital Trusts

Rolls Royce
Virgin Money
Willmott Dixon
WYG Group

TiA and I have worked together, for over fifteen years, to develop (public and private) board level teams in the Highways Agency, BNFL and Rolls-Royce – with excellent results both for the individuals concerned and the respective boards. Lawrie Haynes, President (Nuclear), Rolls Royce