Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal SkillsAlthough frequently embedded within a leadership or management development programme, our work on interpersonal skills is highlighted here separately because it employs a different skill set for delivery.

Set in context, we might see ‘interpersonal skills’ as dealing with how we practice or impart our ‘leadership and management’ skills. Focusing on this subject as part of a leadership development programme, allows us to ‘drill down’ and explore the subtler, emotional impact of our actions and behaviour and through increased self awareness and skills development to make better choices in how we manage interpersonal relationships.

The skills development piece lends itself to actor-based workshops, which therefore form the backbone of our Interpersonal Skills programmes.

Before any workshop, our actors will familiarise themselves with the culture and values of the organisation, as well as any behavioural frameworks used as part of the performance review or PDP process. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to reflect back to the group language and behaviours which are relevant and credible during the skills practice sessions.

Skills practice sessions will typically include forum theatre, for exploring the impact of behaviour in a group context and 1:1 actor-based role-play where delegates are given the opportunity to practice difficult or challenging conversations, customised to their own requirements.

For more information or examples of programmes which we have run for other organisations, please click client synopsis, or contact one of our consultants direct.

The real-life scenarios, in which we had to engage with
the actors, was amazing. This allowed me to rehearse,
difficult conversations I must and should have in a very safe environment. – Director, Credit Suisse (New York).