Accolade Wines

Our work with Accolade Wines was a natural extension from earlier work we were undertaking when the organisation was known as Constellation Wines. When this business transferred its European and Australian interests to Accolade, we moved across as well.

Accolade is the biggest wine company by volume in the UK and Australia and the move signalled a shift in focus for TiA as well. While historically we worked with the European arm of the business, it then became about helping develop leaders for a multinational business with global aspirations.

We ran leadership programmes for Accolade at two levels: senior management and 'third tier' managers. These complimentary programmes ran annually, with one or two cohorts per year, in venues around the UK. 

This programme has been a life-changing experience, and not something I will forget within a week and go back to same-old behaviours

Manager, Accolade Wines