Crisis, what crisis?

04 February 2016

We hear a great deal about the global economic crisis and in particular how China, as the engine-house for the world, is slowing down.

It was therefore fascinating to have the opportunity to work and travel in China late last year as part of the International Business Awareness Programme that we were delivering in Shanghai and Beijing for Rolls Royce.

No one visiting these cities could be left in any doubt that this country is still bursting with growth, and whilst I accept that China is not just a product of it's cities, and a surface inspection does not tell the whole story, it was nevertheless very encouraging to be amongst people who were still talking about strong growth and investment.

The same experience was reflected in our recent visit to Hong Kong, where we have been delivering a leadership development programme for Zurich Insurance.

We have a habit in this country of seeing only the bad news and it was refreshing to experience a very different perspective - and one which reflected our own view of the market.