Change mindsets before behaviours

05 June 2015

Changing mindsets rather than driving down the road of behavioural competencies has always been our mantra.  Yet it's still sometimes difficult to position this as an acceptable approach for creating change.

Most organisations would have no difficulty in agreeing that our attitudes and beliefs (our mindset) drives our behaviour - and that challenging people at this level is likely to lead to a more long lasting shift in culture.  However, at heart, many organisation are still driven by process - tangible instruments of strategy - and as a consequence we jump too quickly into process mode, sometimes to the detriment of the very strategy we are working to deliver.

How refreshing, therefore, to be working recently, with an organisation which agreed to a total focus on 'mindsets', using James Kerr's great book 'Legacy' as the touchstone for change.  Well worth a read if you haven't already seen it!