Iain Holliday

iain-hollidayIain has a strong commercial background, having worked for twenty years in both corporate and partnership structures. Before becoming a freelance associate with TiA, Iain was most recently Director of Learning & Development for Cushman & Wakefield EMEA, where he gained substantial experience working with senior teams and high potentials, in a multi-cultural international environment.

Iain is passionate about the development of people and opportunity to work with those wishing to expand their capabilities and horizons, building on their strengths and impact on other people.

In addition to an MBA, Iain is a qualified MBTI and FIRO B practitioner. Outside his consultancy and training activities Iain has held non-executive board positions and volunteers as much time as he can to a number of organisations, commitments and causes.

Iain believes in a focussed, positive approach to life with a 'be prepared' outlook that responds to change.

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