Alastair Rogers


After gaining a Masters in Psychology at Oxford University, Alastair joined the Royal Marines where he served around the world in commando and aviation units.  His experience of leadership extended from the front line to the highest levels of the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Household.

His last appointment was to command the organisation responsible for the Royal Marines Officer Training at their Commando Training Centre.

Since 1996 he has worked as a Consultant with leading international business on the challenge of developing high-performing business leaders and teams.  He has worked to develop talent and maximise performance at all levels in organisations from graduate entry to Board.  His work includes designing and delivering tailor-made development programmes, facilitating strategy and team development, and executive coaching.  He has been highly valued by clients as an insightful, widely-experienced, honest and highly committed 'partner' in their journey of business and personal transformation.

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