Experience Based Learning - Indoors

indoorsExperiential learning is an approach which underpins all of our interventions - wherever we are working. We have developed a range of exercises specifically for those venues where we are restricted to indoor space. These include discussion based exercises, business games and practical exercises requiring a degree of physical involvement.

Practical, team based exercises have been designed to suit group sizes of 5 to 100, either using table-top solutions where space is at a premium or a more dynamic format where multiple rooms are available. The video clip on this page illustrates an exercise, designed for conference use, where the agenda was working towards common goals. The 75 delegates were divided into five ‘business units' of 15 people, each participating in a series of practical tasks whilst contributing input into a higher level strategic objective.

The concept of experiential learning extends well beyond the use of practical team experiences. Indeed, any activity which puts the individual and their experiences at the centre of the learning can be included in this approach. Actor-based workshops such as Forum Theatre or Actor-Based Role-Play therefore form a major part of our offering.


Forum Theatre 

Forum Theatre highlights the sometimes subtle difference between good and bad practice at work and the changes to attitude and behaviour which make up the difference. The session consists of two short sketches, each depicting real life within the client organisation. The actors start by re-enacting exchanges where the behaviours demonstrated by the characters are real but far from ideal. The process then becomes interactive with delegates able to ‘re-script' the plays or participating directly, thus sharing their own best practice.

Actor-Based Role-Play 

During these sessions the group would be working in small sets of three to four delegates, supported by an actor and a facilitator. Each delegate would take it in turns to hold the discussion, with the actor playing a role prescribed and customised by the individual delegate. Together with the facilitator, the delegate has the right to stop or ‘re-wind' the conversation at any stage in order to explore the impact of different approaches, language or style. This allows individuals to practice handling a specific discussion which they wish to either rehearse or re-visit and to explore the challenge of changing habits.

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