Experience Based Learning – Around the World

Over the years we have developed a number of exercises which allow us to offer a full range of indoor and outdoor experiential programmes on a global basis.

Naturally, those programmes which are indoor based can be transferred to any international venue with ease. However, those programmes which include use of the outdoors have necessitated an investment in venue selection and equipment logistics which now provides TiA with a truly flexible platform.

Choosing the right venue is critical to any outdoor programme and we are always on the look out for new and exciting places. Ideally this is somewhere offering exclusive use which has a feeling of being ‘different and special', and also where the outdoor environment is close at hand, safe and inspiring! A selection of the venues we have used in the recent past can be viewed through our Worldwide Locations page.

Equipment needed for running a global outdoor programme has, by definition, to be transportable anywhere in the world – particularly since, for a regional roll-out, the programmes may need to look and feel identical, whether delivered in India, Italy or Indonesia!

At TiA we have developed a suite of such programmes and have a proven system for transporting equipment to venues as far flung as Hanoi, New York, Singapore and Dubai.

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