Corporate Overview

TiA was established in 1989 as Training in Action Ltd to provide experiential learning and development programmes throughout the UK. Whilst we continue to provide programmes at home, TiA now operates across four continents and with a much broader personal and interpersonal development remit.


Size and Shape

We employ 25 people, both full time and associates, enabling us to tackle large, global projects as well as small, one-off assignments, treating each with equal importance.

We achieve this through a key account system which means that the person you speak with during development will normally be the person heading up delivery. Moreover, our team is very stable – most of us have been working together for more than 10 years. These factors combine to ensure that we are able to provide a very personal and long-term commitment to our clients.


Purpose and Philosophy

Our purpose is to help organisations become successful, by unlocking the potential of the individuals within them. Fundamentally, our business is therefore about helping people to be successful.

For the individual this means nurturing personal growth – to be successful in their leadership and followership roles.

For the team, it means helping people to work together more effectively – to be successful in achieving results by harnessing diversity and uniting behind their common goals.

For the L&D Manager or HR Director who commissions our services, it means helping them to be successful by delivering outstanding programmes or change initiatives, which achieve the agreed outcomes, on time and below budget.

For the organisation it means working to ensure that everything we do at an individual level is in support of the organisation’s goals and aligned with it’s core values.

In this respect we have a duty to both the individual and the organisation, to ensure that both the ‘fish’ and the ‘pond’ are being considered in any intervention we undertake.

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